The pearl of Dorset
Situated at the heart of the Jurassic coast
Famous for its beauty, geology and fossils, the coastline has millions of years of history written into the cliffs

Fall in love with Lyme Regis

The picturesque coastal town of Lyme Regis nestles in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty at the point where the dramatic West Dorset and East Devon coastlines meet – right in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage site known as the Jurassic Coast. The town is renowned for its natural beauty, literary connections and extraordinarily rich heritage.


The iconic Grade I listed Cobb is both a beautiful piece of architecture and an impressive feat of engineering, withstanding enormous waves and south-westerly gales for generations.

A thriving and vibrant town

Regarded as the 'Pearl of Dorset', Lyme Regis is a thriving and vibrant town with a strong sense of community. Whatever the time of year, you can be sure to find something to delight and entertain you with the town playing host to a multitude of events throughout the year from the Great Duck Race and Lyme Lunge in January the Fossil Festival in Spring, Lifeboat Week, Red Arrows Day and Carnival week during the summer through to the wacky Great Christmas Pudding Race in December to name but a few.

The town is particularly famous for the fossils which are abundant in the cliffs and beaches along its shore, with rocks dating predominantly from the Early Jurassic period, approximately 185 million years ago.  It was in the cliffs near Lyme that the famous Ichthyosaur was discovered in 1819 by Mary Anning, the daughter of a local fossil collector. 

Rich in history, beauty and literary connections

The spectacular Cobb wall, dating from the 13th century, provides protection from the harbour and allowed Lyme to develop as an important port on the south coast. The Cobb is internationally recognised as the place where Louisa Musgrove fell from steps known locally as "Granny's Teeth", in Jane Austen's novel "Persuasion" and the iconic landmark featured in the late John Fowles novel "The French Lieutenants Woman".

Whether admiring the breathtaking scenery, exploring the attractive maze of narrow winding streets, immersing yourself in the history of the place or just chilling out on the beach, you're sure to fall in love with Lyme Regis.